11. Ballad of a broken heart

Our worlds were might different / different paths upon
we strayed / she with all the riches / and I with just a name
/ I asked her for a moment / and she gave me many more /
held my hand and wispered / she would never close the
door / in the darkness brightly shining / always present in
my dreams / she was the cause to follow / she was a call to
heed / with a face so full of laughter / she brought
happiness to me / I wanted her forever / but here parents
did not agre

Mr.thinks he´s better / while MRs. loudly cry / they close
the door and argue / what a punishment am I / Mr. thinks
he´s better / while Mr.s loudly cry / they raised their only
daughter / what a punishment am I.

Invisible the glove / as the firmly shook my hand / I know
him from the courthouse / once before him I did stand /
he was the judge almighty / and I confessed my crime /
now he´s greatly dissapointed / forced to taste this bitter

Mr. can you tell me / why try holding us apart / I might
not be what you want / but my love is from the heart / I´ll
stand up for your daughter / yes I´ll give her all I´ve got / to
you that might seem little / but for me it means a lot.

You are my precious jewel / yes you are my dearest thing /
don´t sell yourself too cheaply / not for such a tiny ring /
by the look I tell you / ai´nt no good a boy like him / obey
and trust your father / don´t fight when you can´win.

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