12. Banned boys Rock 'n' roll

We don´t want your sole dictation /
we do´nt need your rules to play / we
stand free and indepedent and
belive it we will stay / we are a
wholesome fuel-injection into some-
thing underfed / Estrains and chains
are all in vain because never we´ll be
led / Though real life our inspiration,
will and power let´s shake the nation /
one , two, three and four , hear the
hunters, gonna rock some more

Stuff your call cause we won´t fall / no
compromise our goal / we´ll stand fast
and furious / playing banned bous

Pushed aside we need not hide / our
soul is whole and pure / we´re here
today and we´re here to stay / no
matter what you´ll do / we are rebel-
lion and our voice is true / and we´ll
force it oata you / standing at your
backdoor waiting / gonna get you
from behind / won´t give heed, won´t
pay attention / will and power let us
shake the nation / one, two, three and
four, cut the leash, we´re gonna rock
and roll.

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