2. Dole train

From the concrete blocks and suburbs to the nation nof your choice
with the barely-getting-byers you move along
ticket will be provided at the end of platform three
but really you don´t need one, the ride´s for free
I see the dole-train arriving, trainguard calls: all aboard!
so grab your gear I hope you´d pack some beer
Yeah, it´s on the dole-train acoming, count the coaches one by one
hurry, let´s get on before it´s moving on.

The society and union, big business and the law it is them who run the dole-train, make it go
I know it is expensive, and I know it´s a wast of time
but the direction of the dole-train are dead and blind
Yeah. watch the dole-train arunning, just like the old treadwheel
and the dole-train stops for nothing til theend
yeah. it´s a dole-traing arolling and as you exit you´ll find out
you´ve returned to the platform three again

The union´s standing hat in hand when big buisness comes around
and the media´s lappin eagerly the gore
the pigwigs on wichever side take a piss and stake their claim
defending what they´ve got and wish for more

So if you hear the dole-traing amoving down the track
you´d better to be careful and watch our back
you´d better not be caught up involved in the dole-train game
where all the giving numbers are the same
hear the dole-train whistle: All aboard! Come take a ride
take your seats and please be seated til you die.

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