10. Here today, gone tomorrow

From the garage-days begininng to the hight of
hit-machines / life seems to be a struggle
brining life into a dream / they searched but
for the stairway, leading straight into the play /
some reached fame and fortune, some fell just
half the way.

reached out - with dreams the same / reached
out - to win the game / reached out - and
failed / but still the songs reamin.

Here today, gone tomorrow / sure to be missed
with sorrow / one hit wonders all the made /
one hit wonders never fade

Perfection is creation,  binding chorus, verse
and shords / hear smiths in fire forgin, words
meant biting just like swords / success come
least expected but shordived your reward / hits
couldn´t be repeted, no, you didn´t reach that

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