1. Heroes of the night

With a pile of trouble
and a sack that´s full of stone
when the way of easy living
seems buried, dead and gone
Mr.Postman at the door
means bills and nothing more
when you turn away your head
thinking you´d be better off dead

Going out with the boys!
We´re going out allright
to be the heroes of the night.

Maybe it´s your sweet one
being sour st. her best
giving you a hard time
putting you on the test
or maybe you don´t have one
to bug´n´kiss good-night
you could do that old stuff
that make you feel allright.

Flat broke, no beer no booze
Don´t be sorry, you´ve got nothing to lose
stick with your mates lad
they´ll all stand up for you (tomorrow?) Son leave it be
tonight´s the night, you´re free
so quit that silly sad-song-way
tonight it´s someone else turn to pay.

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