4. Revelation

here we come so let truth be know
how you pushed aside, how you let us down
did you think you could breake the link
did you think, we were sur to sink
point your finger I´ll point  back at you
spread the word, that you´ve been untrue
must be blind with a selfish mind
you´re the ones we´re gonna leave behind

What - it´s a revelation
you - didn´t pay attention
we´re not worth your accusations
ain´t no wasted generation

we´re the crew coming after you
get the message, as we´re breaking through
fabricated lies and elastical rules
yours the crime, did you take us for fools
we´re not pleased, we´re not easily teased
but right now the limits are reached
here´s to you, you´re been up the pool
give it back, our future you stole.

Always right, you´ve never been wrong
positions held for mach too long, nothing´s free, you´ll pay the cost
maybe you´ll see what went lost
did you really, really hope to hide
that someone else had to pay the ride
you´re the ones that made us to be
your´s the blame can´t you see.

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