6. The best of the boys

Woke up to another grey day / went for my
breakfast when I feeling came to stay / I felt
so happy, had to ask myself why / there was a
dream coming clear and alive / bits and
pieces, views and sound / names and faces,
friends all around / checked in to a journey
to my roots / with studs and leather, braces
and boots.

hanging out with the best of the lads / having
as fun as fun could be / every weekend like and
island / in a cold and stormy sea / lost years
lost days, lost youth but the memories remain
/ those days when we were young / those
days when we were having fun.

I recall how it was when we met / how you
were cool when I still was wet / I earned my
rights to hang around with you / I earned my
rights to be one of the few / days of punk,
days of skin / spit the odds we were there to
win / looking back on days of shining gold /
young at heart but life´s turning old / we had
the music, we had all the gear / and the
parties we drank all the beer / sat for hours
doing nothing, passing time / bypassers
watching called in a crime / sometimes
bleeding, sometimes joking, always waiting.
never end hoping / we could be anything. I
carried my guiter / we could be anything, we
would go far.

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