3. The wall

In a world so full of wonders, have you ever come to see
what separate the others from the likes of you and me
what evil seed was planted, and in the silent crescent tall?
Invisible yet stronger grew the foundation of the wall

Far above lain brick and stone
and farther still it grow
far above but yet not torn
still standing tall the wall.

With childrens eyes ayearning for whatever we could find
some-times we stood just watching, caught a glimse of the behing
but what we was and wanted were not for us to hold
held us back and held us down did  the powers of the wall.

Coming from that playground from my childhood I return
I know the wall´s still stadning but soclimb I well did learn
yet the temper of the other side didn´t comfort me at all
now I´m watching while I´m waiting for the break-down of the wall.

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