9. The river

The words came to me clearly, like a bullet from a
gun / enter through my forehead and exit through
my brain / plotting devils, dragons breath, how
could this horror be? / narrowly those fingers are
pointing just at me.

The river runts with rumors red and truth sinks like
a stone / some words will die in silence, some
words will die alone / the river runs with rumors
red and thruth sinks like a stong / another song´s
fade away, another´s lost and lorn

I don´t know any reason, don´t know what game
they play / but the rules are truly different than the
rules of yesterday / soe here I sit awaiting as the
walls are closing in / I´m waiting for that day when
thinking is a sin

The just and rightful words of freedom, speech and
thought / didn´t seem so just and rightful when it
all has come to show

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