7. The heathen hath come

The terror would've
Shook the ground
Like a thousand
Jack boots
Marched the ground
They came in great ships
From the north
Heroes of their own
Blood sport
For Odin they will
Die with pride
To reach Valhalla
Far & wide
we shall prevail
Against all odd's
With the aid of
The thunder god

Like brothers we march
Side by side
The heathen hath came
See you in Valhalla when i die
The heathen hath come
Take what they want &
Kill everyone
The heathen hath come
There is nothing to be done
The heathen hath come

For the victory of my brothers
In defence of my homeland
And the blood of this
Lands workers
I raise my knife in hand
I look towards the new day
When the vikings will return
And we shall hold our heads up high
Our enemies shall burn

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